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Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our school.

Being an educator is much more than teaching. Educating is a philosophy that lives deep in your heart, in every word you say, every step you take and every time you model behaviour you wish to be reflected within the community.

Every morning, when I see our students walk in through the school gates, I think how important our task as educators is and I appreciate the trust that families have in us to contribute, with our effort and experience, in such an important area of the  development of the lives of their children.

Our students spend an average of 8 hours at school every day. Every single moment of the day at school must be part of their education and development as human beings. In addition to learning mathematical concepts, acquiring cultural and historical knowledge and learning to read and write in English or Spanish, as educators we know of the importance of the development of the character of our students. The psychosocial aspects of the learning process in the school must be very present in the curricular and non-curricular proposals. That is why we give so much importance to Workshops and Clubs in addition to extracurricular activities. Water safety and swimming, the importance of learning to take care of the environment in the Gardening Club or the benefits of music for our children are examples of unseen treasures that transform, not only the body or the mind but the soul and will provide them with tools that will accompany them the rest of their lives.

At Sage College, our commitment is that as they leave the school and step into adult life, they have a huge range of possibilities and options before them. We seek excellence, diversity and will introduce them into a path full of possibilities through the competencies acquired at their years as Sagers!

Alexander Wickham

School Headmaster

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