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School Newsletter 16-04-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 16-04-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº28 EN

School Newsletter 09-04-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 09-04-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº27 EN

School Newsletter 26-03-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 26-03-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº26 EN

School Newsletter 19-03-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 19-03-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº25 EN

School Newsletter 12-03-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 12-03-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº24 EN

School Newsletter 05-03-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 05-03-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº23 EN

School Newsletter 26-02-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 26-02-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº22 EN

School Newsletter 19-02-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 19-02-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº21 EN


Are you in constant need of more energy and focus? Well, worry no longer because nature is on the rescue! You are […]

School Newsletter 12-02-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 12-02-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº20 EN

School Newsletter 05-02-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 05-02-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº19 EN


Hello everybody! I have always loved banana bread ever since I was a little girl. I have come across countless recipes and […]

School Newsletter 29-01-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 29-01-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº18 EN

How to Bounce-Back after the Christmas Holidays

How to Bounce-Back after the Christmas Holidays After Christmas, we can all agree on the fact that we tend to feel a […]

School Newsletter 22-01-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 22-01-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº17 EN

School Newsletter 15-01-2021

Sage College School Newsletter 15-01-2021 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº16 EN

School Newsletter 18-12-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 18-12-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº15 EN


CHRISTMAS VEGAN CHOCOLATE PIE This incredibly easy vegan chocolate pie with an exquisite cookie-like crust is a super rich, super healthy, NO-BAKE […]

School Newsletter 11-12-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 11-12-2020 SAGE-NEWSLETTER-No14-EN


10 TIPS FOR A HEALTHIER CHRISTMAS Christmas time is typically pleasant and normally calls for overindulgence of food and drinks. It’s a […]

School Newsletter 04-12-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 04-12-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº13 EN

Your Words Matter

Language is the basis of our communication. We use language to express ourselves, share and understand others. In addition, it is the […]

School Newsletter 27-11-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 27-11-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº12 EN


Are you looking for a healthy and sweet snack idea? Snacking on healthy food is okay as long as it’s done in […]

School Newsletter 20-11-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 20-11-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº11 EN


WHAT ARE THEY? Delicious and wholesome ENERGY BITES also named power balls, energy balls and even bliss balls. However you decide to […]

School Newsletter 13-11-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 13-11-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº10 EN


Because of COVID-19, it’s very important this season to follow guidelines for staying safe. Also, find out what to do if you […]

School Newsletter 06-11-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 06-11-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº9 EN

School Newsletter 30-10-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 30-10-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº8 EN

School Newsletter 23-10-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 23-10-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº7 EN

School Newsletter 16-10-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 16-10-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº6 EN

School Newsletter 09-10-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 09-10-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº5 EN

School Newsletter 02-10-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 02-10-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº4 EN_compressed

School Newsletter 25-09-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 25-09-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº3 EN_LQ

School Newsletter 18-09-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 18-09-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº2 EN

School Newsletter 11-09-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 11-09-2020 SAGE NEWSLETTER Nº1 EN

School Newsletter 19-06-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 19-06-2020 Newsletter 19-06-2020

School Newsletter 12-06-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 12-06-2020 Newsletter 12-06-2020

School Newsletter 05-06-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 05-06-2020 Newsletter 05-06-2020

School Newsletter 29-05-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 29-05-2020 Newsletter 29-05-2020

School Newsletter 22-05-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 22-05-2020 Newsletter 22-05-2020

School Newsletter 15-05-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 15-05-2020 Newsletter 15-05-2020

School Newsletter 08-05-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 08-05-2020 Newsletter 08-05-2020

School Newsletter 01-05-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 01-05-2020 Newsletter 01-05-2020

School Newsletter 24-04-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 24-04-2020 Newsletter 24-04-2020

School Newsletter 17-04-2020

Sage College School Newsletter 17-04-2020 17 APRIL 2020 English

School Newsletter 03-04-2020

Three weeks of virtual classrooms and online teaching and learning and we have come to the end of term. We have all […]

Hiperbaric Challenge

Engineering club news This week we received the fantastic news that our team has moved on to the next phase of the […]

New School Areas / Nueva Zona para nuestro colegio

  Sage College is expanding! Work has started on creating a new home for our youngest students in Early Years. In September […]

NEWSLETTER 25.10.2019

Whole school news Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning This week I was lucky enough to have my first meeting [...]

NEWSLETTER 27.09.2019

As the third week of term draws to a close, I have been reflecting on my first few months at Sage College. What has struck me most is the warmth and friendliness I have encountered in the whole school community. It is a pleasure to stand on the school steps each morning and greet everyone.


Year 11 chemistry students presented projects on the chemistry of wine, cosmetic, and hydrogen as renewable energy. As real problems are solved by […]


Year 13 chemistry students were asked to complete an investigation to find out the content of iron in medicines used by people […]


Good morning, I’m Alberto. I came here in Jerez about 3 months ago and today I had the chance to present my […]


Last Thursday, our students from Year 7 to Year 13 had the opportunity to get some basic knowledge about how a drone […]


A level Chemistry students taught younger Year 10 Chemistry ones how to separate different components of solutions by using chromatography (to separate […]


A level Chemistry students analysed the acidity of a commercial vinegar, by carrying out an acid-base titration. In that way, they put […]


Last May, our A Level students participated in the Literary Competition “Jose María Pemán” which consisted in the elaboration of a narrative […]


The Ist International Science Congress for Secondary Students has been held at Sage College, with the collaboration of the British School of [...]

Students from Year 11 and 12 visit UCA and IFAPA

 STUDENTS FROM YEAR 11 AND 12 VISIT UCA AND IFAPA Students from Year 11 and 12 (with our teacher Francisco Soto) visited […]

World book day at Sage College

A celebration of International world book day will take place at Sage College on the 27th April. There will be events and […]

International Science Congress 2018

The Ist International Science Congress for Secondary Students has been held at Sage College, with the collaboration of the British School of […]

International Science Congress for Secondary Students

Thursday, the 22nd of March, the First International Science Congress for Secondary Students will take place at Sage College. The international school […]


Last Friday, our Year 9 students had a Skype meeting with our friends from Poland. This is only one more activity in […]

Mathematics day.

On Friday the 9th of March our whole school participated in “International Maths Day” This involved special on-line connections with students from […]

Year Group 9 Recycling Project Presentation

This logo was created by Hugo Barea Moreno Presented by Isabel Sánchez Rotllán on behalf of Year group 9. To the directors […]

Environmental science project

Environmental science project. Searching for debris on the beaches. Then placed it in the correct place.

Our Friends from Poland

Today we received letters from students of the Polish school (Warsaw, Dwujęzyczna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1) with whom we are collaborating, to […]

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