Playing together, running, jumping, jumping on the floor, scoring goals, dancing, horse riding, balancing, winning games, laughing and enjoying ourselves. Our extracurricular activities try to meet the physical needs and tastes of the children to provide them with a space in which they can learn, practice and improve their favourite activities, without forgetting the educational dimension and the values they provide them with.Companionship, team spirit, the desire to excel and the discovery of one’s own abilities are combined with sporting or artistic practice so that any activity becomes a healthy leisure option for children.

At Sage College we have a varied extracurricular programme adapted to all ages. The programme is aimed at both pupils and children who wish to take part in any of the activities on offer. All teachers are highly qualified and have many years of experience in the different disciplines offered. 


Our football programme has the best coaches and resources to ensure that as well as enjoying the training sessions and matches, our students have the technical experience that ATF Fútbol of Jerez brings to us. Students can join our teams from the age of 5 years old.


Passing, blocking, dribbling and… baskets! The children will learn different techniques of this sport through games and small matches.

It is a perfect activity to discover the value of teamwork and enjoy all the possibilities offered by this sport.

The pupils are progressively introduced to basketball, learning its rules and basic techniques.


The children learn to enjoy this sport in a safe and fun way, acquiring confidence in the water and learning different styles and techniques to become good swimmers. It takes place in the spectacular facilities of the Forus sports centre in Jerez and transport is included in the swimming fee.


Golf, like many other sports, favours the development of children’s physical and mental abilities, such as concentration and coordination. But in addition to these general benefits, golf lessons for children can provide your children with other skills and values such as the ones we tell you about in the following lines. Don’t miss out on discovering them! The activity takes place at the Sherry Golf course located 3 minutes walk from the school.

Flamenco Dance

This flamenco course is aimed at students aged 3-16 years old. We have two groups open depending on the age and level of each student. We will introduce them to the basic techniques of flamenco. The coordination of the body, the movement of the arms and hands. Our great dancer and teacher Carmen Bejarano will make sure that the students not only learn the technique of the different styles but also enjoy this art so deeply rooted in our city and region.

Horse Riding

Horse riding at Sage College is a very attractive and stimulating leisure activity for our pupils. What makes it special is the opportunity for them to bond with the horse. Your child will build up a nice connection with his or her four-legged friend as he or she regularly visits the stable, cleans, feeds and takes his or her first rides with the horse. At the same time, your child will learn to be independent and responsible. The activity takes place at El Juncal in Jerez de la Frontera.

Classic Dance (Ballet)

Ballet at Sage College, directed by the great Valeria Cirillo, is based on positions, steps and ways of carrying the body. It is now considered an art form, characterised by the use of the tips of the toes, and large extensions of the arms and legs with precise movements. Thanks to this practice your child will stretch both his/her feet and imagination.


In this elegant discipline, we encourage bodily expression to the rhythm of music with the help of balls, hoops, ribbons and other well-known apparatus for the creation of beautiful gymnastic exercises.

We work on their flexibility, balance, body strength, sense of rhythm and musicality with fun activities.

The children acquire a series of basic motor skills through different exercises, learn to respect all the components and encourage group work, learn the materials and basic exercises for each of them.



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