At SAGE COLLEGE, the Psychopedagogical Department acquires a special relevance since it is in charge of gathering information about students with special educational needs, evaluating their learning development, informing and guiding teachers about the interventions for student action, collaborate in group training and tutoring programs, apply educational reinforcement programs and psychopedagogical intervention programs and carry out professional guidance for students after completing the different stages, as well as inform and guide students´ parents.

Psychopedagogical intervention programs

  • Intervention programs in literacy: improve effective reading, correct spelling errors, enrich vocabulary and achieve a more correct and creative written expression …
  • Dyslexia intervention programs: aimed at students who have specific difficulties in their reading or writing and which hinder them to continue with good performance in the rest of the areas.
  • Speech therapy: aimed for Early Years and Primary children to enhance communication skills and develop articulatory, semantic and morphosyntactic aspects.
  • Behavior Modification Programs: programs to improve self-control, reduce negative behaviors, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Personalised Tutorials: personalised conversations in order to provide them with tools to plan and organise their study times and homework, improve behavior patterns, etc.
  • Psychopedagogical tests: psychopedagogical studies in order to broaden the student’s knowledge to help them in their personal and academic improvement.
  • Professional Guidance: when our students finish a stage, we offer them professional guidance based on a report and the opinion of all the teachers who have accompanied the student in her school life.
  • Meetings with parents and / or guardians: we believe that it is very important that parents are well informed of the academic progress as well as the personal, emotional and social development of their children.
  • Meetings with other professionals: communication with other professionals (doctors, psychologists, speech therapists, …) is essential to help improve the student´s achievement.
  • Social skills: programs designed to help students express their feelings, desires or opinions in an appropriate way, providing them with tools to make their social competence more effective.

Clinical Psychology Service

SAGE COLLEGE offers a clinical psychology service that has the most recent research updates. The work of our Clinical Psychology Office is aimed to the treatment of the symptomatological manifestations of different pathologies or collateral problems, or simply to the learning, management and management of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, which affect both the student and families. Through a cognitive-behavioral approach, different intervention, treatment and follow-up strategies are developed to achieve the well-being and emotional health of these children. This service is also offered to families outside the school.

Psychology Office Fees

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