Spanish Studies Certification

At Sage College, Spanish subjects are integrated alongside British education, providing a truly bicultural educational experience. The Spanish Department plays a crucial role at all levels, from Primary to Secondary education.

Students study their British subjects just like in any other English school worldwide, in addition to a careful selection of Spanish subjects. This approach gives our institution a truly bicultural identity at the heart of Cádiz. In Primary, subjects such as Spanish Language and Literature and Spanish Culture are included, while in Secondary, Spanish Language and Literature are paired with Geography and History. Additionally, students are offered a selection of Spanish Baccalaureate subjects, from which they choose and study 2 according to their preferences and academic goals (PCE).

This educational model, combining the British curriculum with Spanish subjects, gives our students a unique advantage: obtaining both the British qualification, as well as the Spanish ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) and Bachillerato, resulting in a double qualification. Upon completion of their studies at Sage College, students can choose between British, international, or Spanish universities (public or private), all with direct access.

We have a department dedicated to the recognition and comprehensive support of Spanish studies. The Technical Direction of the Spanish Section coordinates compulsory studies of Spanish Language and Culture, managing the relevant authorisations and documentation with the Education Delegation of the Government of the Andalusian Autonomous Community.

Furthermore, this department is responsible for the recognition of British studies to their Spanish equivalents. At the end of Year 11, recognition is processed for the ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) qualification, and at the end of Year 13, recognition is processed for the Spanish Baccalaureate qualification.