Why SAGE Boarding?

International Boarding Experience in Spain

Be part of a vibrant and energetic community!

  • Enjoy the huge opportunities on offer – the facilities, activities and social life are far greater than those available at home!
  • Experience academic and activities as part of everyday life in Spain.
  • Build relationships – the multi-cultural environment is often the making of lifelong friendships.
  • Develop independence – taking responsibility for yourself and learning to plan and prioritise your time are important life skills; ideal preparation for university and further education.
International Teaching Staff
International Students
Why Sage 1
Why Sage 2

Choosing a school entails a long-term commitment between the school, the student and the family. We are aware that each student is different. We respect each student, his/her abilities, way of thinking and acting as well as motivation and interests. It is the only way we can offer a personalised education, allowing students to develop their full potential.

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