Boarding Life


Pastoral Care

The School’s excellent pastoral care is the backbone of our boarding. Our aim above all is to ensure our students are happy within our community. Students’ tutors, their housemasters and the house monitors form strong relationships with families. All of our boarding housemasters and tutors also run activities, ensuring important continuity between the boarders’ day-time and boarding experience.

Making the most of time to study

Set homework times help boarders to keep on top of their academic performance and the seamless integration between academic and boarding staff ensures that each boy’s work is carefully monitored. The boarding building has a library in addition to the School’s and many of the boarders find the boarding routine, its environment and the help of staff and their peers beneficial to their studies, particularly in the Sixth Form.


Weekends are a time of freedom for boarders. There is plenty of free-time, and also many exciting trips and activities organised by boarding tutors. Boarders can go to the gym, swimming pool, study in the library, play golf or watch a film in the cinema room.

Going out to city of Jerez town is another relaxing way to spend the weekend where boarders will learn about the spanish culture and traditions. There is a program of activities and outings organised by the staff where there will be plenty of opportunities for our boarders to gain incredible and life-long experiences.

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