Whole school news

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

As the third week of term draws to a close, I have been reflecting on my first few months at Sage College. What has struck me most is the warmth and friendliness I have encountered in the whole school community. It is a pleasure to stand on the school steps each morning and greet everyone. The students, as I get to know them, have proved to be a delight: cheerful, friendly and keen. My colleagues, some of whom have been here for many years have been unbelievably helpful in guiding me in the ways of Sage College. We are a newly-formed team full of ideas and innovations and over the next few months you will see many small but significant changes in the way that Sage College operates. We are looking at ways to improve the timetable, and to include more activities and opportunities: different ways in which our students can learn. I hope very much to meet with parent representatives in the next few weeks to discuss some of these ideas.

1. New staff: This week I would like to introduce two new members of staff who have joined the Science Department. Mr James Connor joins us from European School RheinMain in Frankfurt, where he was Head of the Upper secondary school, as well as a teacher of Biology and Chemistry. At Sage College James teaches Biology and Physics to years 10 to 13, and will be leading the special activities around Space week in the first week of October. Mr Mark Ambrose is also new to Spain and joins us from schools in the UK; firstly Head of Chemistry at St Edmund Campion in Birmingham followed by Bedminster Down School in Bristol. He is passionate about teaching science and helping young people develop as individuals. He is teaching science to years 7,8,9. Mark is also a table tennis champion, having represented Britain, and we’re hoping that he might pass on some of his skills to the students!

2. Extra curricular activities: We have a number of plans and ideas to launch many more extracurricular activities over the coming months, and are starting with two popular clubs which ran last year. Ballet classes are offered to students from age 4 – 11 in different groups. Football training is on offer too and full details of the activities are contained in the document attached to this newsletter.

3. Sports facilities: We are working to prepare the gym to provide another sports space for our students. It is a space that was badly damaged in a flood last year, but we are now repairing and remodelling it. Equipped with weights and cycles, there is also ample space for dance and keep fit activities as well as table tennis and other sports.

Secondary School news

On Wednesday this week we welcomed parents of Secondary school students to attend a presentation of the year ahead, and to meet their child’s mentor. The mentor is your first point of communication and we encourage you to contact them by email if you have any queries regarding your child’s wellbeing at school. The focus this year will be to increase significantly the use of English both in school and outside the classroom. We are looking at ways in which we can encourage students to use their language skills and improve their vocabulary.

Academy classes
We are introducing private tuition for students in years 10-13: this is advanced tutoring and coaching for students who would like to gain the highest grades for university entrance. We aim to help each learner to reach their maximum potential. Currently these classes are being offered in Science and Mathematics. Details of this tuition have been sent separately to parents. Please complete and return the form if you are interested.

Year 10 Young Engineers Club of Sage College Students

Under the guidance of Mr David Alvarez, Head of Operations at Sage College and Mr Francisco Soto, Science Teacher, students from Year 10 have joined together in a new project. The challenge is to design, prototype and build an inertia car, according to the requirements established by the Inertia Sports Federation for this type of vehicle. In addition to preparing a project that they must present to a jury of experts and in which not only the technical part will be valued, but also the social, marketing and management aspects, the team will test its prototype in a real urban competition layout.


Harry Potter is coming to Sage College
Students in years 7 & 8 are enjoying reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in their Lengua classes. They have immersed themselves in the magic world of Hogwarts. Day by day the school is being transformed and we will shortly be having a welcome ceremony to Hogwarts and assigning students to “Houses”. Everyone is very excited about this project which is running alongside the activities in the Primary School.

Primary School news

Junior Leadership Team JLT
The JLT is comprised of 1 girl and 1 boy from each year group in KS2. Anyone is welcome to run for the position and must give a speech to their class outlining why they would be suitable for the position. Classes then hold a democratic vote to elect the members of the JLT. The JLT members will hold their positions for one academic year. All the children who ran for the JLT this year did an incredible job in their presentations to their class. We are very proud of everyone for their efforts!
The votes are in and we would like to formally recognise and offer our congratulations to our new JLT members:
Year 3 Gonzalo and Maria
Year 4 Nico and Celia
Year 5 Blas and Ella
Year 6 Cristian and Ariadna

Harry Potter
Our Harry Potter project is designed to encourage our students to take pleasure in reading. We are all preparing for the coveted “Hat Selection Ceremony” which will take place next week on Friday 4 October at 9am.

Students have been enjoying their ICT lessons this term. The Primary School has been equipped with a classroom laptop trolley and each child has the use of a laptop in the classroom. The most important thing to learn when using the internet and technology is to ensure children understand how to be safe when using these amazing resources. Mr Antonio has been working with the children on a comprehensive scheme to ensure they understand how to be safe on the internet.

Mini news!

This week in Early Years the children have been learning about colour, shape and texture.
Pre-Nursery have been taking part in lots of sensory experiences including flour play.
Nursery have been Disco Painting and Reception having been making their own monster faces based on the story ‘Go Away Big Green Monster!’ by Ed Emberley using different coloured paper.
Well done Early Years, you certainly are a creative bunch!