Whole school news

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

This week I was lucky enough to have my first meeting with the Junior Leadership Team to have a chat about various ideas they have had to improve life in the Primary School. Elected democratically by their peers, this team plays a key role in reflecting the student voice to the Head of School and helping to shape future events in the school.

I was impressed at how articulate and clear-thinking they were, and how passionate they were about the projects they wanted to get involved in.
This was a perfect example of the way in which we would like all students to become engaged in the life of the school. This team is really working together, thinking of others and communicating well on behalf of everyone else.

My interesting week continued last night when I had the immense pleasure of attending a book signing by one of our young students, Julia Barea Morena from Year 8. Her achievement was celebrated in her home town of La Barca de Florida where she spoke eloquently about the book she has written “Mi mejor amiga invisible”.

The theme is bullying and the power of friendship to help. She is an inspiration for all young people and we feel sure that she will continue to write. We are very proud of you, Julia!

I would like to remind you that next week we have a long weekend. There is no school on Thursday 31 October and Friday 1 November.
Please remember also that the clocks change this weekend: you need to put your clock back one hour on Saturday night.

Contact Protocol: I would like to remind you how to get in touch with us if you need to discuss your child.
Your first point of contact is your child’s mentor; please contact them by email.
If the problem cannot be resolved, please contact the Head of either Secondary or Primary.
If the problem is still not resolved please contact the Head of Teaching and Learning.
If necessary the subject can be referred to the Executive Committee.

Dates for your diary

Halloween Party Wednesday 30 October: Year 12 students and engineering club students involved in the Hiperbaric Project have joined forces to host a Halloween party for Secondary students on Wednesday afternoon, before the long weekend break. All students are invited to wear Halloween costumes and there will be a prize for students in KS3 in the Costume Catwalk Competition. There will be a photo booth and a disco in the Aula Magna and other terrific activities
including a Haunted Maze. Entry price of €3 includes sweets and a drink: the profits from this party will go to the Engineering Club who have an entry in the prestigious Hyperbaric Challenge, which is taking place later this year. Please give €3 to your mentors by Tuesday 29 October, and pick up your ticket from Reception on Wednesday. Please wear school uniform and change into your costume at lunchtime.

Extracurricular Fair: we had a great selection of clubs and activities on offer at the recent fair. There seemed to be a great deal of interest in the wide variety of clubs, from guitar to Judo, to learning a new language, to painting, entrepreneur club, chess and many more. We hope that many students will sign up for the activities and widen their interests and have a go at something they may not have considered before!

Secondary School news

Helping in Primary: On Tuesday mornings, some of our KS4 students visit the Nursery and Reception classes as part of their English lesson. This is a great way of practicing their English skills by playing, talking and reading to the younger children. Younger children really benefit from having older students playing with them and speaking to them in English. It is one way in which the students can build their range of English vocabulary.

Assembly to celebrate Día de Hispanidad: Last week Secondary school students celebrated Día de Hispanidad by leading an Assembly. We learned many interesting things: some students explained what the different elements in the Spanish flag mean; Spain is the country with the largest number of Biosphere Reserves in the world; other students explained that the submarine, the cable car, the digital calculator and table football were all invented by Spaniards.

Trip to el Pinar de la Algaida: Last Friday students from Y10 and Y11 had a trip to Pinar de la Algaida in Doñana Natural Park. The students studied the 1000 year old agricultural techniques of the Navazo – particular to this area of Andalucia. They also did some birdwatching in Laguna de Tarelo, a man-made lagoon which is home to a wide variety of migratory birds. They also experienced at first hand why this humid area is historically, one of the least inhabited areas of the province. Mosquitos were out in force!

Bake sale for Greenpeace: On Monday, students in Year 8 held a bake sale to raise money for Greenpeace. The sale was a great success with delicious contributions from parents, students and staff and raised 101 Euros! Activities like this illustrate how Sage College students are looking beyond their own needs and thinking of how they can be part of the change we all want to see in the world. Well done, Year 8!

Year 13 Science: The dangers of using a mouthwash! Lots of people use these every day. However, did you know that some commercial mouthwashes generate real problems, like dental caries? The students have carried out a lab investigation, analysing the pH and effects on the saliva pH, of some commercial mouthwashes. Their conclusions are that we need to check the acidity of a mouthwash before using it. A great example of science contributing to daily life.

Primary School news

Value of the Month: TOLERANCE
One of the most important things we can do to raise a tolerant child is talk about what tolerance is, and model it ourselves. Tolerance is most needed when we don’t agree with someone, or when they are different from us. It’s about learning to discuss things and being able to disagree with people without getting angry or upset. This is something we have talked a lot about in school this week.

Halloween Party Wednesday 30 October
All children are invited to come to school dressed in Halloween costume and there will be a small party with a disco in the afternoon. There is a charge of €1.

Year 1 and 2 Trip to the Zoo: Last Friday these two classes visited the Zoo botánico in Jerez. The children had the opportunity to learn first-hand about animals; what they eat, where they live and how they differ from other animals. The children took part in workshops, a tour of the zoo and had a chance to put their class learning on animals into practice! This was a perfect example of curriculum enrichment as they have been studying animals in class. The behaviour exhibited during the trip was a credit to the children and the school. Well done KS1.

JLT: The JLT have been working hard in their new positions. They meet weekly and discuss current issues and ideas for developing our school to be even better. They listen to the student body they represent and have responded by meeting with Mrs Ireton to discuss ways we can improve our bathroom facilities. They are also planning for interactive large scale board games to be painted on our Patio. It is wonderful to see such young children at Sage College presenting such leadership skills.

Sickness: As the cooler weather approaches there are more bugs and sickness going around. Please remember if your child is sick, the best place for them to be is at home resting and getting better. If your child has been vomiting it is extremely important, in order to stop the spread of the illness, that your child remains home for 36 hours after the last time they were sick. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mini news!

It’s been a week of Natural Discovery in Early Years as all three classes have been exploring Autumn. We started the week as a group hunting for signs of Autumn by taking a Forest Walk around the Sage grounds, searching for fallen leaves, sticks and looking at the bare trees.

We used the resources found on our walk to create amazing activities throughout the week. Pre Nursery used the tiny leaves they found in their Messy and Discovery Trays; Nursery created an Autumn Tree and painted the leaves they found, and in Reception they made Smelly Cinnamon play dough and used the resources found on the walk to create amazing models. Understanding the Natural World is an important element of the EYFS curriculum and encourages investigation using our senses and taking note of what is in our environment. Through our free flow system in the unit all the children were able to enjoy the other classes´ activities which extended their learning and understanding of the theme and area of learning.

Next week is Halloween and we look forward to sharing our spooktacular work!