Delicious and wholesome ENERGY BITES also named power balls, energy balls and even bliss balls. However you decide to call them, they are these sweet, no bake, portable treats that only take minutes to make.

They are the perfect snack for a many number of reasons. They are nutritious, healthy and really easy to make and eat on the go. They give you a slow release boost of energy in a natural way. This means you’re less likely to reach for those sugary energy drinks and snacks.

Energy bites make a great treat at almost any time of the day. So next time, think twice about reaching for something high in sugar like a chocolate bar. Choose these instead!


They are loaded with a satiating combination of protein, good carbs, healthy fats, and are high in fiber. Not only will fibre keep you fuller for longer, it also breaks down slowly and helps keep your blood sugar stable.

Packing around 182 calories per serving, these delights are a great source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, vitamin B3 or niacin, iron, magnesium and manganese among others.

These energy bites are a super healthy and quick alternative for breakfasts, snacks and desserts, for the whole family to enjoy.


There are so many recipes to choose from, but I’m going to share with you the base recipe for energy bites, along with all sorts of yummy ways to use it to create different flavours and combinations. Let’s get started!

First off, we are going to need some oats. I recommend you to use whole grain, high quality, and high fiber rolled oats or old fashioned oats and for those with dietary concerns, gluten free.

Next, we need the binding ingredients: natural peanut butter or any nut or seed butter will do here. I also use honey or maple syrup, if you want to make this recipe vegan.

If you have a peanut allergy or just prefer a different kind of nut butter, any kind can be used. If you choose soft, natural and homemade nut butter, like almond, macadamia or cashew, your mixture may be extra sticky. Simply add a few more tablespoons of oats or use dry sweetener like panela, xylitol or stevia and you will be set.

Next, ground flaxseeds or whole chia seeds are what I usually use. Although, you can use whatever other super food you have such as hemp seeds, sesame seeds, bee pollen, puffed amaranth and quinoa to give it an extra crunch.

Some recipes for energy bites call for a food processor, but in this case you will not need one. This is one of the reasons why I absolutely adore this recipe. No oven, no fancy kitchen equipment and no mess! All you need is one big bowl and something to mix your batter with.


Once you have gathered all of the ingredients for your base, pour them carefully into a large bowl. Now we are ready for the fun stuff:


I’ve tried many different mix-in combos, but I most often find myself choosing chocolate chips, cacao powder, medjool dates, raisins, dried fruit like cranberries, chopped apricots, almond flour, cinnamon or pumpkin spice, roasted nut pieces, seeds, toasted, shredded coconut, pumpkin puree and roasted sweet potato puree. So, no worries if you aren’t a big chocolate fan, there are loads of non-chocolate options for you too!

This easy energy bite recipe takes just 10 minutes to prepare, can last 2 weeks in the refrigerator or in the freezer for up to 3 months in an airtight container. You can also vary them whenever and however you prefer, so you’ll never get tired of them.

So, with this said I hope I have convinced you in trying these scrumptious morsels at home and with your family. You will not be disappointed!

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