In addition to access to university through the A-Levels, students who wish to increase their qualifications will be able to prepare for and take the “Specific Competency Tests” to access all Spanish public universities.

This is possible thanks to BACHILLERATO SAGE,  a program offered by Sage College that provides our students the opportunity to access any university in Spain, public or private. Moreover, it is useful to reinforce some parts of the content studied in the equivalent A-level subject.


Students need to have 5 IGCSE and 3 or 4 A levels to go to university. The final grade to access university is based on the grades obtained in the A levels. In general, the conversion is processed by UNED. The calculation is as follows:

Scale 1-10

  1. Each AS/A level has, depending on the grade obtained, its particular UCAS Tariff Points, as shown in the table above.
  2. The UCAS Tariff points of each AS/A levels are added together, giving the sum of all of them.
  3. This sum (Puntos UCAS) is included in the following formula, and the calculation to get the final grade in the Spanish conversion is made:

    Ne = 5 + (Puntos UCAS – 48) x 5 / 176)

    Ne: Final grade after the conversion

    Puntos UCAS: Sum of all UCAS Tariff points of each AS/A level subject

Grade Conversion Calculator 1-10

Enter grade:

Scale 10-14

  • Option 1 (some public Spanish universities): 2 A level subjects, recognised as specific by UNED via UNEDASSIS. The grade of 2 of these subjects, if the subjects appeared as recognised in the “Tablas de Ponderación” by the university where the student wants to go to, can be transformed, again, into the Spanish conversion to add this to the global grade out of 10, and be able to get 14 points. An example of calculation is shown below:

  • Option 2 (other public Spanish universities): the university does not recognise the previous option, and the alternative to get up to the 14 points is to do 2 “específicas” in the Spanish EvAU. These 2 “específicas” will depend on the “Tablas de Ponderación”, so the case of each student needs to be evaluated on an individual basis. An example of calculation is shown below:


As aforementioned, the subjects (2 maximum) that a student can do need to be evaluated on an individual basis, as it depends on which subjects have the maximum “Parámetros de Ponderación” for a particular degree in a particular university. Nevertheless, the subjects that form part of Bachillerato Sage are:

Economía de la empresa
Historia del Arte

The previous subjects cover a broad range of university degrees, and are aligned with the offer in A level. Thus, students have the option to get enough grades to access any public Spanish university and can use A levels and Bachillerato Sage to reinforce their academic side.